Why escapes and spaces?

Writing is one of my passion. I do this whenever I feel the need to breathe in a solitary place where I can process everything.

Writing is one of my escapes, my resting place, the one who understands me, where I could express, where I could get answers and it’s also where the Lord is trying to speak to me.

I also wanted this blog site to witness my escapes to different places and adventures. I want to fill it with scribbles! With all my realizations, sentiments and revelations.

Spaces also get me tempted to write. Looking at a blank space makes my fingers itch to write and draw. I could remember during my childhood days that I can stay in my room for a whole day just to write poems. Spaces allows me to freely play with words and inks beautifully.

My desire to fill in empty spaces with crafted thoughts is entwined with my passion to overflow deserted places with hope, exhausted souls with rest, battle scars with healing,  restlessness with peace, abandoned ones with home, lonely souls with joy and forsaken hearts with love!


I hope I could bring inspiration and warmth to your hearts.

Thank you for believing!



All the love and care!