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Confronting Pain

“In the very place you have been hurt, is where you will get healing too”

This passage has created a deep bearing in me. There are people who influence us in how we talk, dress, act and think. As a psychology graduate, I always know that there are negative behaviors in every person and most of the noticeable ones are just fruits. You will have to look into the person’s midst in order to see the root cause of such actions.

Let me give you an example:

Fruit: Dina hates men. As a result, she has involved herself in relationships with the similar gender as her.

Root: Dina has been abandoned by her father. She often witnesses her father hurting her mother violently and is a victim of physical abuse herself. She hated her father for hurting women so she decided to show men how to take good care of women by taking the responsibilities a man should be undertaking.

If her greatest hurt came from her father, most likely, reconciliation with him could also be her greatest healing.

But how courageous are we to stand up and meet with the person who caused us severe pain? Remembering how your heart was torn again and again into pieces and all the sleepless nights where you have heard your silent cries and deep sighs?

It was a tragedy coping up with pain. But unless you decided to go out of that nightmare, you will remain imprisoned. 

And this reminded of the movie I once watched entitled, “The Shack”. Some of you might have heard of it. I was a book written by Young and was given life in theaters having the same title.

The Shack.

Just to give you an overview of the story here’s a summary written by  Claudio Carvalho.

“When he was a thirteen year-old boy, Mack killed his abusive and alcoholic father with strychnine in his booze. Years later, Mack Phillips is happily married with Nan and they have three children: Kate, Josh and the girl Missy Phillips. While camping with his family in a weekend, Missy is abducted and killed by the kidnapper, destroying Mack’s life. One day, he receives a note from God that he calls Papa asking him to go to the shack where his daughter was killed. He meets Jesus, Sarayu and Sophia and he has an experience of discoveries and redemption.”

Mack has had a tragic childhood; due to his father’s alcoholism and aggression. And this resulted in his distorted view of the Father in heaven. Although he had a good family of his own, the pain was still there. Until, his youngest child was abducted and killed in the SHACK.

The story began with a letter coming from Papa (God) telling him to meet him in the shack. Yes, in the shack—where his nightmare happened.

If you were Mac? Will you come back to the place you have been wounded a lot?

If I were him, upon seeing the letter, I will really feel a great weight in my chest. It’s like scratching a scab with my fingers only to reveal that the damage is still fresh and new as if it just happened today.

But then again, if you don’t confront the pain, it will show up continually haunting you in low-spirited nights. Chasing after you in the ends of the earth, following you wherever you go like a shadow, screaming that you are weak, challenging you to look at his ugly face.

Pain is inevitable. You can’t run away from it—forever. There is no way over it, but to GO THROUGH IT. Just what Mac did—He returned to the scars of yesterday. Little by little, he allowed himself to process his tattered heart with the Lord and it has unloaded him of all the burden he carried for years. Pain is just waiting for your brave confrontation.

Are you ready to be freed too?

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