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Dark clouds start to cover up the sky,

So is my what, how and why.

Heart falling in disdain,

Staggering gasps of deep pain.


Words stumble over and over again,

Leaving my soul distressed, tired and broken.

Strength has also made its way out,

And I could already hear my fall like a shout.


With faltering breaths, I screamed.

Silence has responded like that of a dream.

Pressed my face against the earth,

Giving the ground a number of blows till my fist no longer hurts.


Then the waves of goodness passed over me

I could hardly open up my eyes to see.

It was cold, yet it was warm

I felt secured, as if no one could do me harm.


You sang songs over my ashes

Felt the healing in all of my lashes

You put praises in my mouth.

And I began to dance to the north and to the south.


I have seen the light in the hiding sun

As I begin to look in the eyes of His Beloved Son

Hope and joy are intertwined

So I am, in your heart and mind.


You never cease to amaze me.

You never stopped chasing until you catch me.

You called me Yours,

And yes, I am forever Yours!


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