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A Story (Poem I wrote years ago)

You came a long time ago
But separate ways, we have to go
Didn’t even held your hands
Fell my knees into the sand

Every day grew like forever
Sweet wine turned bitter
Waiting isn’t clever, I thought
But it’s always you I sought

I have turned to the left and to the right
Challenged the wind for a fight
Winter came
Feelings still the same

How can I run and leave
My heart is pounding, how can I live
Oh to your words I cling
And im pretty sure my heart sings

But they say surrendering is beautiful
Although it sounds not so cool.
Well okay then
Memories on the floor in the count of ten

Numbed my chest
Blanked my face at my best
Apathy it may looked
But back of my mind still hooked

You never knew
No hint or clue
That its always been you
And forever you

And woah! Roller coaster has me riding again
Oh and i cant recall it started when
Jumped at your surprise
Rolled on the grass and rise

What grace it is!
To find you praying on your knees
Singing more wonderfully
Loving unconditionally

It’s always my desire
For your passion to burn in fire
Getting better each rise of the sun
Deeper and deeper as His beloved son.


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