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Lo and Behold

Recently, I’ve been trying to get away from the bustle of everything for me to appreciate the simplest things, like how God paints new sunrise every morning that I tend to miss because I was always in a rush. I want to have my rest, I love it when my heart gets a dose of beauty and strength that I get from slowing my life down. Resting isn’t all about lying in bed or catching some good movie, or daydreaming in the heat of the noon, for me, it’s about beholding. Yas, resting is beholding.


Whenever I finish my paintings, works of art or even poetries, I always love the feeling of me beholding my creation. Loving every piece, letter, color and line. Adoring all strokes that make me say, “It is very good.” And this feeling reminds me how the Father might have felt the moment He has finished creating us. There’s a simultaneous sensation of warmth and joy.

It’s essential for us humans to rest our cases with the Lord and just behold every accomplishments, every victory, to celebrate our strengths, celebrate our humanity and really appreciate all the good things that the Lord is doing in our lives.

Without these, you would easily feel bad about yourself whenever you fail, would not recognize all the little steps you’ve done, you will miss the “great job self” in every thing you do, will be exhausted and disappointed and you will really feel the need a lot of escaping moments that can lead to isolation.

Let go and go slow. Lo and behold, you are about to witness great and mighty things.


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