God · Personal Thoughts

Through and Through

You see me, You know me and You love me through and through.Father, I wanna come to You as a daughter right now. I wanna pour out what’s on my heart, to exposed everything inside it. I would never wanted to lose sight of You..of You as my Father… My identity is something I could hold on to, even when everything seems agitated. My identity in You is the only thing that makes my heart secured that no matter what, Your grace will always catch my fall. My Lord, I wanna have the same pure heart, like mine before…… back then… when I first encountered Your embrace… Lift me up again…. I maybe defeated at times yet Lord, I wanna cry my heart out that through those times You still look at me the same… You still owe me as Your daughter… You remained faithful even when i do not have the courage and strength to remain as I am in You. My only prayer is that….. Your right hand will hold me fast… and I am sure that You are always with me… No matter what. LOOOOOORDDDD. I waanna have eyes again that were too swollen because I have cried my desire for You… to Listen to Your heartbeat and all. Father. This time I’ll stand up…….. I know that you will always be here…… Your presence,, that is too sweet for me. Your caress that keeps my heart from troubling. Father. You said I am beautiful, treasured, forgiven, love, accepted, worthy… Oh my Lord, that’s who really I am.. i wanaa to back to the Highest place where Your spirit resides… Where Your Spirit can be felt so strong… Where You always show Yourself as the Comforter, the Healer and Father… :)) I can feel the warmth of my heart for I long to say the words in me that were all left unsaid to You, though You know it, Its still something different…I believe… You are in control over my life…. use meee.. you loved me.. uh. unconditionally. through and through.


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