Winter Dreams and Late Summer Skies

What is with the gushing stream— that I begin to hear the cold cries of those winter dreams?   What is with the wood fire— that I begin to feel the warmth of those late summer skies?


Dark clouds start to cover up the sky, So is my what, how and why. Heart falling in disdain, Staggering gasps of deep pain.   Words stumble over and over again, Leaving my soul distressed, tired and broken. Strength has also made its way out, And I could already hear my fall like a shout….

Writer’s Struggle

Words dancing in my head Pleading for me to lay it on its bed Waiting for the clock to tick its last Inviting my hands to have a letter blast   Tempting me to never stop Like the chocolate syrup dripping from the ice cream top It’s whispering “hey get your sword.” “Be quick and…


I’m home after my hops and jumps to different sites. As a new blogger, It’s my joy to really get my self into reading lots of stuffs appreciating the warmth of letters and words. I get easily amazed and inspired to write more. My love for writing has been sleeping for so many years and…


  Yes and then no, Stop and then go, Here and then there, Black and then fair.   Stay and then leave, Die and then live, Close and then open, Zero and then ten.   You turn me clockwise, And then dance me counterclockwise, Bittersweet it is, Always the combination of the opposites.

A Story (Poem I wrote years ago)

You came a long time ago, But separate ways, we have to go Didn’t even held your hands Fell my knees into the sand Every day grew like forever Sweet wine turned bitter Waiting isn’t clever, i thought But it’s always you I sought I have turned to the left and to the right Challenged… Continue Reading →

Lo and Behold

Recently, I’ve been trying to get away from the bustle of everything for me to appreciate the simplest things, like how God paints new sunrise every morning that I tend to miss because I was always in a rush. I want to have my rest, I love it when my heart gets a dose of…

Through and Through

You see me, You know me and You love me through and through.Father, I wanna come to You as a daughter right now. I wanna pour out what’s on my heart, to exposed everything inside it. I would never wanted to lose sight of You..of You as my Father… My identity is something I could…

Not to condemn

‘For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to SAVE the world through Him.” John 3:17 So if you think you are dirty, filthy, unworthy, sinner or unrighteous for Jesus, hey take heart! Jesus came NOT to enumerate what you have done wrong! He is here to save…